in a number of ways  


Self Paced programs 


Live Programs


One to One Mentoring


Self paced programs are here for you to explore and access at your own pace without any time pressure.

These have all been recorded live and are packed with potent insight, learning and embodiment wisdom

for the woman stepping into the energy of growing and becoming the best version of herself.

Head over to  the Dive Deeper section to explore The Energetic Vault

for access the selection of potent Masterclasses and Activations

available for when you are ready to dive in.

Self Paced Energetic Vault

Live Programs and Masterclasses are run monthly.

Connect on Instagram to find out about the current Masterclasses and programs available


I have 2 signature 12 month programs for the sacred feminine

ready to align to her Soul Mission and Path. 



The Journey of Sacred Feminine Remembrance


is a 12-month Membership program where you receive

One Masterclass per month ranging anywhere from 2-5 days in length that

you can join any time

If you are more inclined to dip in and out for specific Masterclasses

then these are promoted on Instagram and to our email community so stay connected on

both to be notified. 

Click below to find out more about the Membership

BECOMING 1 x $1,111
BECOMING 12 x $111

 The Luminous Femme Experience  


This is a 12 month spiritual ascension program for a spiritual woman

Ready to go deep

Ready to alchemise what is stopping her from aligning to her highest timeline

Activate her Ascension Codes

and embodying her highest light frequency and vibration

This program has 2 enrolment periods November and May 

These are promoted on Instagram and to our email community so stay connected on both to be notified. 

LUMINOUS FEMME Experience $11,111
LUMINOUS FEMME Experience 12 x $1,111

Business and Spiritual Embodiment Masterminds

 are typically run every 6 months with enrolment in December and May


One to One Mentorship...

is for the high achieving go getter woman who knows what she wants and is


She is ALL IN with expanding, growing and evolving her consciousness,

body awarenesses and soul connection and purpose.

She loves going deep and quantum leap at the speed of light and loves expanding on

all levels in her life to Be, Do, Have and Create from her magnetic, radiant self and from the

highest expression of her Soul as she opens up to all forms of wealth in her life.

Below are my currently VIP offerings and when spaces are full, I run a paid waiting list.

DM me to find out about other Bespoke VIP 3 and 6 month Package options.

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If you are leaning in right now. 
Feel free to DM me to find out this is your next aligned move for you  
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Love Natalie xo



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I believe TIME is our most valuable commodity in this lifetime and hence I will only share important, valuable embodiment information and tips that will impact your Body, Mind, Emotions, Business and Bank Account. 

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