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Reduce Shoulder Pain & Improve Your Strength in 30 Days

This intensive arm mobility & strengthening course has been designed for active wheelchair users to prevent, manage and reverse shoulder pain and problems. 


Understand More About
How Your Shoulders Work

Detailed explanations and demonstrations of how to experience the movement that your shoulders need during everyday movements

Why Are You Susceptible To Shoulder Problems

Understand why 9 out of 10 wheelchair users develop shoulder problems and how it can be reversed. 


Understand What To Focus On In Your Training

This course talks you through in detail which muscle groups to focus on and why and what exercises to focus on

Here's What You'll Learn

The course covers a range of beneficial arm strengthening and flexibility work that can be done at in lying, in your wheelchair indoors at home, whilst away on holiday as well as in the gym.

It forms an essential part of maintaining healthy shoulders and arms for all wheelchair users.

Each exercise has a detailed video with explanations of what to focus on during the movement, where the movement start and how to execute the movement successfully.  

This exercise program is a tried and tested program that has been used daily for the past 8 years. It has worked to reverse and prevent shoulder injury in active wheelchair users in the clinic and 1-2-1 gym settings.

The course is broken up into 7 series with a total of 61 exercises
Flexibility & Stretching Series
Wall Arm Mobility Series  
Pole Arm Mobility Series
Theraband Strengthening Series
Free Weights Strengthening Series
Gym Machine Based Strengthening Series
Battle Rope Series

What do you get when you purchase this course?

  • A detailed guide of all the exercise you can have access to in the course
  • You can access your course on the go on your mobile phone or tablet or iPad, and log in wherever
  • You have lifetime access to the program
  • Handouts of all the exercises with step by step set up and action instructions
  • Video files of each exercise you will perform during the course
  • Access to the Private Members FB Group where you will be able to
    • Be a part of a great neuro community of like-minded motivated individuals who are doing the program with you 
    • Have online support when needed if you need support with an exercise
    • Ask for help and have exercise questions answered
    • Ask for peer support and motivation from the group to keep you focussed and driven over this period to stick to your goals and the program
    • Celebrate your milestones that you have achieved
    • Celebrate other milestones in the group together

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