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Who is this program for?

It's for you if you are able to walk, and you have leg weakness following a Stroke, Head injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Transverse Myelitis, An incomplete Spinal Cord Injury and you are able to walk but you have leg and or arm weakness, Parkinson's Disease. 

You can walk outdoors using a walking stick for safety. 


I create a neuro physio rehab program for you because
I know that ongoing rehab can expensive

I wanted a way you could exercise in the comfort of your own home
1. Without having to travel
2. Without having to spend loads of money on rehab
3. Without having to do it alone
4. Without having to compromise
5. Without having to search youtube or instagram for exercises that may work or be good to try

This is a tried and tested program. It was designed using all the exercises used to shift the needle and that gets results in rehab

What do you want to be doing 6 months from now?

Is it being able to run with you kids on the beach?

Is it being able to keep up with your family as you walk together on family holidays like Disney land?  

Is it being able to walk 10,000 steps a day by yourself confidently and not needing any help?

Is it being able to eat using both hands?

Is it being able to hug your partner, or kids or both with both arms?

Where do you want to go 6 months from now?


I know that right now we are all doing the best we can to navigate through lockdown and this challenging health crisis we all face together.

  • When there is so much uncertainty around
  • When the status quo of how we go about things has changed.

 Just because you are being called to stay at home, doesn’t mean that your rehabilitation has to take a back seat and be put on hold.

Investing in yourself is always worth it. 


To A Stronger More Flexible YOU ....

Detailed Exercise Videos

Access to the exercise library of 250 exercises ranging from flexibility and strengthening exercises for arm, leg and or arm and leg rehab


Body Weight Strengthening

 Be challenged  with body weight mat exercises that will help you get the improvements you are looking for.



Specialised Neuro Physio Support

Tailored exercise plan that achieves significant gains in strength & flexibility

Monthly Content


3 x Monthly Calls with unlimited support provided in the Private FB Group 

"Working with Natalie Woodman for the past year has been an amazing experience. The knowledge she has is seriously unreal, the amount I now know about my arm injury and my body in general from just being there has amazed me. I am so grateful that I have Natalie as my physiotherapist. I couldn’t ask for a better Neuro physiotherapist"

Louis James

"I have been working with Natalie for the past 6 months following a stroke that paralysed my left side in 2014. She was instrumental in helping me to get my arm and leg movement back. She is very experienced, professional and hard working. Natalie can immediately identify what you need at all stages and is very hands on during the sessions. I currently do 3 mile walks, started cycling, swimming and cooking. 7 months ago I was in a wheelchair and could not move my arm a bit. I would not have achieved this without the support of Natalie Woodman. Highly recommended!"

Theano Anasta

"Natalie gave me hope, when I had none. After a life changing attack of Transverse Myelitis and a chance meeting with Natalie at the TM Society, I soon became a regular client. Her dedication and professionalism was second to none when it came to dealing with my condition. Natalie is amongst very few medical professionals who fully understood my condition and whilst I doubt I will ever regain full function, what function I have, can be put down to Natalie and her treatment of me. If you are looking for a physio that is full of hope, positivity and challenges you from the outset, then give it a visit. I promise, you won't regret it!"

Mark Adams

"Natalie has helped me gain muscle and core strength through a series of personalised mat work, reformer Pilates exercises. These exercises have greatly improved my overall health and posture and have reduced my neck and back pain. Natalie has helped me believe that nothing is impossible when you work hard. She has also been teaching me about my body. I have never had any body awareness but after working with her I am now able to understand why a certain part of my body is hurting and what exercises I need to do to reduce the pain. Having body awareness means that I am able to ‘switch on’ or off muscles more quickly as I know how to access them now. It is still a work in progress as I’m having to relearn my body and teach it new ways to behave but after Natalie’s help my posture, strength, flexibility and awareness is the best it has ever been."

Ellie Jones

"Natalie has helped me a lot, she has a thorough knowledge base about Cerebral Palsy. Before coming to Natalie my condition was rapidly getting worse. Traditional therapists are under the impression that Cerebral Palsy, just magically goes away after the age of 18, whereas Natalie understands the importance for a extensive physiotherapy program throughout your life, enhancing quality of life and maintaining a constant level of improvement. With Natalie's gentle nature; she's always encourages you to Dream and to live beyond your comfort zone..."


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Arm program is for you if you have some activity in your shoulder and elbow but  you are not able to use their arm in functional or daily tasks. Your may not have activity at your wrist however you can take weight through your wrist in a standing weight bearing position. 

You need to be independent with walking using a walking stick with a ankle or leg brace. 

You have weakness around your hip and or knee and you don't feel balanced, confident or stable when walking outdoors. 

This program is for you if YOU would like to walk further, gain strength and use your arm better; become stronger, fitter, more stable, more confident and more knowledgeable about your movement, nutrition and mindset.

I have identified 5 stages of rehab for both arm and leg rehab to help you know exactly where to start.

This means that arm and leg rehab programs are divided into 5 stages each. You will have a minimum of 20 exercises in each stage that you will use. The great thing is that as you improve, you don't have to wait for anyone, you can start to move into the next stage and get going with you new exercises. 

There are 120 videos in your leg rehab and 130 videos in your arm rehab programs. 

I focus on the mindset hacks that will help you understand your brain and body better

I focus on creating more connection between your brain and body. 

I improve your understanding of the importance of your nutrition on your body’s ability to build muscle and your body’s recovery after exercise is VITAL.


By joining this membership program today, you'll gain a larger understanding and knowledge on how your body works and what it needs.

It's the first of it's kind that gives you the framework with an exercise library of 250 exercises ranging from flexibility and strengthening exercises for arm, leg and or arm and leg rehab, mindset tools, posture awareness and nutritional tips that will help you support your body during your rehabilitation transformation....

So, no matter what your physical mobility level is, you can bet you'll find gains here, provided you are willing to put in the work and take consistent action!

So, this amazing and jam-packed rehabilitation program has an introductory price of £197 per month.

You can sign up now and try it out and you just need to give one month’s notice to cancel.

Start Where You Are Today And Let's Move Forward Together

This program officially starts on the 6th April 2020. 

But, if you sign up now, we will give you instant access for the next 2 weeks to our

30-Day Arm Rehab Program

30-Day Leg Rehab Program

30-Day Arm and Leg Rehab 

Private Rock Your Rehab FaceBook Group

So you don't have to wait.

You will automatically be moved across to Rock Your Rehab as the course is available. 

We are working as quickly as we can to get you access.

This also means that your next payment will only be due on the 6th May 2020 and each month moving forward on the 6th of the month. 

New content will also be added regularly. 


You’ll kick off the program with a PRIVATE call with me after the 6th April 2020, to get crystal-clear on your goals, which stage of the program you will start at and create your personalized game plan.

I have also added in 2 additional laser focus 20-minute calls which you can use on a monthly basis in the first 3 months of your membership to help assess what you should focus on next during the next 3 months during the current health crisis at the moment

We meet as a group over Zoom 3 times per month. (We strategically time our calls to include integration and implementation, plus account for holidays and travel.)


Call times are MONDAYS at 11am and usually run for 90 minutes

  • You’ll receive in-depth training with individual exercises broken down in what to look out for, how each exercise can help you, how to execute the exercise as well as pdf booklets of all the exercises in all stages of the rehabilitation in our members area.
  • The members area will contain our membership program as well as the arm and or leg rehabilitation module depending on your individual needs. 
  • The calls are mostly group coaching with me virtually over Zoom
  • 1st Call Mobility and Exercise Q and A around exercises and challenges you may be having 
  • 2nd Call – Nutritional tips, health evidence and wellness education followed by any questions you may have
  • 3rd Call – Mindset and mindset hacks and any mindset questions you may have at the time
  • We have a VERY effective process for group calls, to ensure that the calls contain maximum value for every person
  • All group calls are recorded and uploaded into the members area so you can watch them at any time at your leisure and re-watch again and again


I will be checking in the FaceBook group on a daily basis to see how you are getting on during this lock down period over the coming months to provide added support.

Here, I will provide personalized guidance in the FaceBook group as needed in between group calls answering any questions you may have or guide you through challenges you may be finding at the time. 

This allows us to stay connected in between calls. You can ask any questions you may have in between calls on exercises that you may need support on.

You can share your progress you are making with others in the group so that we can all witness your progress with you.

I hope that you find immense value in this program. In the unlikely event that you would want to cancel, you can cancel your membership at anytime on a month by month basis provided you do so before the 6th of the month when your next payment will be due. 


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