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I’m a Specialist Rehab neuro physio who is highly driven with an unshakable dedication to empowering movement in others and making "The out of reach" possible. I have had the pleasure and honour of guiding thousands of clients through their rehabilitation journeys over the past 25 years.

I am passionate about sharing and imparting my knowledge gained over the past 25 years that will maximise recovery and freedom of movement for my clients.

I help my clients regain control of their bodies during rehabilitation as they build body confidence, regain muscle strength, gain deepening body awareness, and freedom of movement and independence so they can live life on their own terms doing what they love.

I believe that we all have potential and that we have a choice how far we want to go to reach our fullest potential. I love growing as a person, I love striving to be more of who I can be, do more as a person, an entrepreneur, as a physio and to expand my limits for myself and others of what I think is possible.

My speciality in neurological physiotherapy, rehabilitation pilates and functional electrical stimulation helps me to use the needle movers to effectively help you regain your freedom of movement and independence.
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