I’m a Clinical Specialist FES Neuro Physio, entrepreneur, a highly driven person with an unshakeable dedication to empowering movement in others and making "The out of reach" possible. 

I am passionate about sharing and imparting knowledge that will help, maximise function and optimise recovery for my clients.


I believe we should all have a range of choices and options of things to trial could be of benefit in rehabilitation.

 I believe that mindset shifts, belief changes of what is possible, reframing thoughts, positive self-talk, a strong tribe of positive like minded people, mentors, therapists or coaches, hard work, focused determination, motivation, and daily action are fundamental parts of reaching goals.

I believe that we all have potential and that we have a choice how far we want to go to reach our fullest potential. I love growing as a person, I love striving to be more of who I can be, do more as a person, an entrepreneur,  as a physio and to expand my limits for myself and others of what I think is possible. 


I believe we all have gifts to share in this world that will help make this world a better place for everyone. For everyone has the power to change our lives. 


My mission is to facilitation transformation for clients, inspire them to dream bigger for themselves and to create impact in their lives that allows them to live more fully, and allow them to serve their community in their own unique way.


My vision is to:

Empower you to succeed at tasks you couldn’t do before or didn’t dream possible


Inspire new possibilities you previously thought impossible


Motivate you to achieve your lifestyle goals and celebrate your successes along the way


It is my deepest joy to see all my clients thrive, playing full out and sharing their talents and gifts with the world.

As a Clinical specialist FES Neuro Physio, Clinical Specialist Seating and Posture Management Specialist and a Clinical Specialist in Rehabilitation Pilates;

I have had the pleasure and honour of guiding thousands of clients through their rehabilitation journeys over the past few decades since 1995. I am deeply touched by each client’s success and honored to be a part of their rehabilitation journey.


I love sharing information that could be helpful to you. I would also like to get to know you better. The best way to connect would be to become a part of the ByNatalieWoodman tribe - just pop in your name and email address below.


I love spending my time connecting with people. I will connect once weekly in the blog and send out helpful content on social media. I may connect more frequently for important time-sensitive offers.


Thank you for taking the time to connect here today. I would be thrilled to be a part of your journey.




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