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30-Days To A Stronger New You Arm and Leg Rehab Program

This Programme Is For You If:

  • You have a neurological impairment and you have either of the neurological diagnoses
    • Incomplete spinal cord
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Stroke
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Head Injury
    • Transverse Myelitis


  • You have lost your confidence in walking outdoors following a fall whilst walking outdoors


  • You want to work on improving your balance, flexibility and strength in standing and walking in order to prevent more falls taking place


  • You are able to walk 10 minutes before getting tired and you want to work on being able to walk further


  • You are able to stand for 10 minutes before getting tired and you want to be able to stand for longer and do activities at home like cooking, photography, artwork, speaking, dancing, meal prep, washing /showering, cleaning or vacuuming.


  • You are able to walk a minimum of 5-10 metres independently with or without a walking stick


  • You are able to safely get down onto the floor and back up into standing. 
  •  You are able to put weight through your wrist, hand and work on your hands and knees for some of the exercises 


  • You are motivated and want to work on improving your mobility, balance, strength and confidence in standing and walking


  • You have been discharged by your physiotherapist and you want to continue to improve


  • You would like guidance with which exercises are beneficial for you to do and which are not 


What do you get when you purchase this 30-Day Arm and Leg Rehab Program

A detailed guide of all the exercise you will be completing day by day over the next 30-Day period

Each day your exercise plan has 8-12 exercises that you complete independently. 

Handouts of all the exercises with step by step set up and action instructions

Video files of each exercise you will perform during the course

More focused goal attention on what you want to achieve over the next 30 days with possible examples of goals that other clients have used in the past

Access to the 30-Day Programme Private Members FB Group where you will be able to

  • Be a part of a great neuro community of like-minded motivated individuals who are doing the program with you 
  • Have online support when needed if you need support with an exercise
  • Ask for help and have exercise questions answered
  • Ask for peer support and motivation from the group to keep you focussed and driven over this period to stick to your goals and the programme
  • Celebrate your milestones that you have achieved
  • Celebrate other milestones in the group together



What People Are Saying:

“I sustained a brain injury in 2009 that affected my left arm and leg. I could not use my left arm and hand and I could not walk without a leg brace prior to working with Natalie. My advice to anyone looking for Neurophysio rehab is: “Go for it, as it will help you in the long run!” My walking has improved so much as I do not have to wear a leg brace anymore (3 years later) and I can walk into town. I can now use my left arm and hand. I am now back into the gym and now I love that and can get fitter and keep improving. Rehab is worth the money.”

Dan Winter

“Before I had Natalie’s input I found even menial jobs around the house really tiring. Natalie has helped me understand how my muscles work and has given useful advice about strengthening my core muscles, which I now understand form the basis of doing anything. The stretching exercises I have been given mean that I start my day gently, and ease into my tasks and are useful to do throughout the day. I now have a lot more confidence to take part in life. Whilst I still struggle with walking and get tired very easily, Natalie has provided me with advice and tips that I keep in mind during my day to day activities. She has helped me understand my limitations but that with the right frame of mind, diet and physical exercise they will hopefully only be short term. Natalie is very realistic with her advice and aims and breaks my difficulties down for me, in a way that other practitioners have missed. She is very encouraging and her support is ongoing, other practitioners are great at the time of consultation but do not offer support outside of this time. At our appointments she is able to understand how I am feeling and the areas of my body that need work, by looking at the way I am standing, holding myself and walking. She focuses on these areas and gives advice about specific exercises to help strengthen them. She is very insightful and gives her time, in a way that other practitioners don’t. Natalie has given me a much greater understanding about how my body works, and what my muscles need to work at their full strength. Her nutritional advice has been so helpful, in terms of what each food group does and provides the muscles with. If you are apprehensive about seeing Natalie, don’t be. I absolutely believe in her. She is very personable and easy to relate to, I always leave our sessions feeling really empowered and motivated to help myself. Her advice is tailored and relevant to each person’s situation and is not just ‘a script’ she has learnt and applies to everyone. She totally believes in the individual. Natalie's approachability sticks with me, it is hard for me to deal with my physical difficulties and I find it hard to talk about. Natalie encourages openness and is non-judgemental. ”

Zoe Bowman

“I was paralysed from the waist down after surgery to my T7-T9 area, I left hospital with very limited mobility but my legs had started to move. Prior to working with Natalie, progress was slow especially as I had a long wait to see the community physio, I was also very stiff which made doing anything alone virtually impossible. Since I have been working with Natalie, I am less stiff; my posture has improved, as has my walking. I feel I now have the confidence and the strength to start doing more things on my own. She is very thorough, extremely patient and very very encouraging! I always feel very welcome and at ease every time I visit. I would recommend neurophysio with Natalie without a doubt; it has been invaluable to me and without it is wouldn't be as far along as I am. ”

Jo Arnold