Wheelchair Arm Strengthening Program

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What People Are Saying:

“I sustained a T10 Spinal cord injury in July 2012. Prior to working with Natalie, I suffered with a lot of tightness and pain on my back and pain around my shoulder. I did not know how to stretch properly or which exercises and stretches will help me and did not realise I had the wrong or too big of a wheelchair until I worked with Natalie. Natalie helped me with recommendations of which wheelchair will be ideal and better, how to improve posture which can cause pain or discomfort eventually if you are not seated properly. Me personally, I did not realise how all the muscles are connected, and how each muscle influences each other. Natalie helped me with different strengthening and stretches that helps me maintain my shoulder and back mobility which is so important as a wheelchair user. ”


“"Natalie knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strength or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Natalie is the person to see." Nathalie McGloin, World’s First Wheelchair Racing Tetraplegic Driver”

Nathalie McGloin

“Having a physiotherapist with such an in-depth spinal and posture knowledge and understanding of SCI as Natalie has helped me so much - even 18 years post SCI, and with a very good on-going support from my spinal unit in Glasgow (unfortunately they only have resources to prioritise newly injured people and do not have as many resources to provide long-term injured people), I have learned a lot and been inspired so positively by Natalie. My personal fitness program at Neurolink under the direction of Natalie Woodman has helped relieve my shoulder pain that I have had for years. I used to wake up every night and my arms had ‘gone to sleep’, regardless of what position I was sleeping in. This has gradually reduced since starting Personal Training and it now only happens occasionally. I am sure this is because my posture feels better (my shoulders feel less ‘rounded’)”

Sarah Orr

“"I have a spinal cord injury and have been work with Natalie for almost 4 years now and the progress and improvement I have made in that time has been immense. I owe so much to Natalie. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with Natalie Woodman. I really don't know where I'd be without her knowledge, experience and support. I couldn't recommend more highly.”

Tom Perivolas

“"I can’t recommend Natalie for anyone dealing with a spinal cord injury. You'll only receive the highest standards of care and support." Josh Senior GB Para Climber”

Josh Senior,

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