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Day 1:

What Influences our ability to receive?

with Past Life Clearing and Nervous System Activation

Day 2:

Gratitude and Enough-ness Transmission with Ancestoral Clearing   

Day 3: 


Abundance Transmission on your definition of abundance and Abundance Reset Activation

In this Masterclass series, we will be:

1. Clearing past life interference

2. Nervous system clearing and reset that allows you to receive, hold and embody your abundance coding into your life  

3. Expanding your awareness and the lens through which you view abundance 

4. Connecting with a deeper level of gratitude within you for what you already have in your life  

5. Recalibrating your level of and connection to worthiness within you


What's included: 

3 x 60 minute transmissions and energetic clearing and activations that help create more harmony in your body to allow you to receive more multi-dimensionally in your life.




Receiving can feel uncomfortable when our learnt programming, patterns and imprints have lead us to believe that we have to give to receive

We were born worthy

Worthy of receiving everything

We just forgot this wisdom along the way through life

Very often our past lives and ancestoral coding influences and challenges our beliefs of worthiness in this lifetime

No amount of saying it is, or willing it to be, will change it

You were born worthy of everything

You are worthy right now

You have to believe it

You have to feel it

You have to integrate it

You have to embody it for this to be true at a cellular level within you

You have to know it at a Soul Level

Now is the time to allow yourself to be reminded of this knowing deeper than before

It is safe to release what you no longer need to carry It is time to give back what is not yours to carry

Get ready to go deep!

Join the FREE Inhaling 3-Day Masterclass Series


 True abundance is about being able to appreciate, savour, enjoy, witness the richness of life all around us.


It starts with cultivating our own inner gardens

Our inner gardens reflect who we have become, what we believe, the depth of connection to our Soul, our willingness to say yes to and follow our unique Sacred Paths, our diligence to connect to and speak the Divine Truth flowing through us

Our true richness of life is connecting to our Sacred bodies, our big beautiful hearts, our Sacred Souls and the wisdom we tap into from multiple lifetimes lived.

The true richness is living a life led with your body, heart and Soul as you co-create with the Divine, Source, Spirit etc.

We are each on a journey of




✨Reclaiming our Soul's Wisdom

✨Reconnecting with and infusing with Soul Fragments forgotten, buried, lost or abandoned along the way

✨Activating more of our unique light codes within us


As we Inhale, expand, grow and evolve to be more and more of our True Soul Selves expressed in human form with

Each breath we breathe,

Each word we speak,

Each thought we think,

Each aligned action we take

You are destined for greatness beautiful


It is your time to inhale, awaken and activate what you are ready to receive, hold, embody and share with the world right now


Life is ready to gift you more magic than you know how to use now

Your task is to say Yes Breathe it in

Say yes to living a more embodied rich juicy life

Say yes to more magic and synchronicities

Say yes to receiving it everything that is divinely yours


It is your time, beautiful!

Will you accept this sacred invitation?


Love Natalie xo


Join the FREE Inhaling 3-Day Masterclass Series