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A powerful 45 minute activation clearing overwhelm, fear (including ancestoral fear), shame and guilt from your body at a cellular level, activating a deeper connection to trust within your body and to your intuition.

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All proceeds from the book sales will be going to

The Transforming Tumbleweed Charity 

They help women of domestic violence find a safe haven. Their vision is a world where women do not feel alone with their struggles, where they feel empowered, where their voices are heard, and they are worth love and kindness – even from a complete stranger. They empower women to heal who can then empower other women. Their mission is to empower women’s healing through the sharing and writing of their stories. Allowing them to understand that they do not need someone else to fix them – they are not broken and they deserve love and respect regardless of their past or current circumstances.

Transforming Tumbleweeds Charity

Inhaling 3-Day Masterclass 

In this Masterclass series, we will be:

1. Clearing past life interference

2. Nervous system clearing and reset that allows you to receive, hold and embody your abundance coding into your life  

3. Expanding your awareness and the lens through which you view abundance 

4. Connecting with a deeper level of gratitude within you for what you already have in your life 

5. Recalibrating your level of and connection to worthiness within you


What's included: 

3 x 60 minute transmissions and energetic clearing and activations that help create more harmony in your body to allow you to receive more multi-dimensionally in your life.


The Masterclass Schedule: 

Day 1:

What Influences our ability to receive? Includes Energetic Clearing and Nervous System Activation

Day 2:

Gratitude and Enough-ness Transmission with Past life Clearing   

Day 3: 

Abundance Transmission on your definition of abundance and Abundance Reset Activation


Lifetime access to replays included

Starts 7th-9th March 2023

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