Client Love

Don't take my word for it here's what just a few of my clients have to say about their experience working with me. 

Mona's experience with Akashic Readings...

"When Natalie tapped into the Akashic records. Wow. That's what I'm going to say. Wow. The illumination, what was revealed was unbelievable!


Amanda Kunkel

I felt very loved and supported while sharing about the pain that I had been experiencing in my womb.  How it took me out for days during my cycle.    I was always feeling so down and depleted.  But you made me feel like I am whole, healthy and complete- no matter what my body was doing.  The energy work that day immediately shifted my story and perspective.  PLUS the amazing practical advice you gave me helped me feel better within my body.  The beautiful result was- NORMAL cycles :). I literally was able to get up, feel good and see clients without having to worry if I would crash or having to take a zillion naps.  It made my heart soar!  Thank you so much for shifting this life long issue with me in a short and pain free time frame <3 My new awareness is that I was in control of my body and not just subjected to it.

Delphine Rose

During the session I felt calm, centered, expanded in my level of consciousness and infused with healing light. After the session, I felt that I was continuing to heal, especially my ankle and ready to receive and allow more healing and grace to flow through me. The best part of the session was releasing the energy blocks that were halting moving forward through the left ankle accident. Since my session, my ankle has been healing nicely and I have been able to move forward in various ways. My new insights are my increased awareness that I am here to receive and allow just as much as uplift, and guide others. You are going into the field of Love and Grace, you will receive what you need at soul level in a safe and gentle way. 

Siv Harstad

I had an amazing session with Natalie, I’m so grateful. Coming into the session I was a bit frustrated about my situation and had some tense muscles in my back. She helped me clear some stuck energy from my body. During the session, I got clarity around what was behind it and great advice on how I could improve my situation. After our session I was calm and confident that my situation would work out for the best and the back pain is totally gone. It changed my whole week; I can still feel the effect of it many days afterwards. I’m absolutely recommending a reading with Natalie to anyone who is open to creating some shifts and changes in their life. I’ll be coming back for another one.

Mandi Brown

I came to Natalie feeling stuck and unable to proceed on my path with blocks preventing me from having fun and self doubt interfering with my ability to focus on the task at hand. Natalie gently guided me to speak my Truths about what was holding me back. She gave me practical tips to practice right away and with her body focus, showed me how to be in my body, opening to and trusting my gut. After the reading, I felt more connected to myself and Source, ready to dive back in! The best part was being in Natalie's uplifting, compassionate energy as she held space for me to be myself. I am breathing more completely, trusting myself and Source more fully. I signed up for a 3 day workshop to plan, build, and launch my business after working with Natalie!

My new awareness after the session is that “I am supported. I am a facilitator. I don't have to have all the answers. And I Trust the Universe”. If you are wondering about a reading for yourself, I say: “Go for it! You will feel great and more aligned to your true self. It's So worth it”

Rachel Hardy

I felt seen, honored, and able to be open and fully share.  I found myself freely "spilling" my thoughts, which isn't something I necessarily do all the time ;)  Natalie creates a safe container for the truth to be present, freely, with love.  And her sessions are also so much fun... I love how much we laugh! The part of our session was recognizing that I could trust my gut and my own knowing more.  This resonated deeply, and it felt so good to hear it reflected. In the 48 hours since our most recent session, I’ve felt a shift in clarity and trusting my gut.  My session helped me see more clearly where I needed to say “No.”  I’ve felt a difference in the way I relate to individuals in my life - less tied to others’ expectations and needs. My new awareness after my session is that I see my old patterns of being tied to others opinions as an illusion- not the truth. You'll be surprised how much can happen in a session :)

Denise Hansard

There are always layers when it comes to personal growth. Having an Akashic Record Reading with Natalie was beyond amazing ... it was diving deeper into the layers of healing certain areas which I thought I had already healed. She has such a warm and unique way of taking you gently through this process. I highly recommend having a reading with her

Emily L Lewis

I felt so supported during this session, it was so easy to ask Natalie and the Record Keepers questions, and I felt like I was fully being seen and heard throughout the process! I felt so much lighter and more excited about my physical journey after the session. I absolutely loved the practical guidance and tips that came through for my diet and to help support my physical body with the work that I do as an Akashic Records Reader and an energy healer.  Natalie is sooo gifted, and working with her is such a joy! I felt so supported during the whole session, and I wrote down pages of notes with tangible and practical information for implementing in my day to day life. Take the leap and go for it, you won't be disappointed!!!

Melissa Lisette

I felt supported and heard; she addressed my concerns and went deeper, to the root. I was much lighter and clearer after the session. My 2 favourite things about the session were I had physically detoxed heavy metals, but energetically it was still present and affecting my thyroid. Natalie cleared this from my energetic field. She then cleared out all transgenerational cellular memories of addiction, and the reaching for harmful things as a safety blanket. The transgenerational clearing was HUGE. There's no longer a fight going on in my brain and I am happy to be on this planet serving my purpose. My focus is clearer, my motivation higher, and I feel more integrated into my physical body. That it is a held space, and how much you're willing to go to the root to create shifts in your life, all in the span of an hour!

J Nichole Smith

I loved my session. Like with any energy work, the best part for me is the purposeful pause, focus and conversation around self-care and the nuances of what my body wants and needs. Also your insights about my adrenals have really caused me to change my behavior around exercise and caffeine which I think I needed you to voice in order to spur me into action. The knee pain I'd been having for ages was completely gone a day after our call. Really remarkable! I followed your advice to do the check-ins several times a day with my tiredness and found that I always felt super tired regardless of the sleep I'd had - so it's definitely prompted me to explore further what's going on with my hormones and adrenals. 

If you are on the fence about energy work, I say “Oh absolutely do it!” I don't know how it works, but it does!