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Here's what just a few of my clients have to say about

their experience working with me. 

Cory's experience of Quantum Calibration Consultations

She contributed to me in a short time to help me and shift my disconnection with my body that has set me on a different trajectory for my health and my life.

The sessions are so deep and she is spot on with her intuition and tuning into what is going on in your body. She helps you with unravelling what is stuck. I was really surprised with my shifts and awarenesses after working with her. New awarenesses continue to unfold after her sessions. I have continued to deepen the relationship with my body; I lost a few pounds after my session. I am feeling more embodied and healing life long issues. I highly recommend Natalie. Here gifts are amazing! Thank you so much for your work!


Delphine Rose

During the session I felt calm, centered, expanded in my level of consciousness and infused with healing light. After the session, I felt that I was continuing to heal, especially my ankle and ready to receive and allow more healing and grace to flow through me. The best part of the session was releasing the energy blocks that were halting moving forward through the left ankle accident. Since my session, my ankle has been healing nicely and I have been able to move forward in various ways. My new insights are my increased awareness that I am here to receive and allow just as much as uplift, and guide others. You are going into the field of Love and Grace, you will receive what you need at soul level in a safe and gentle way. 

Siv Harstad

I had an amazing session with Natalie, I’m so grateful. Coming into the session I was a bit frustrated about my situation and had some tense muscles in my back. She helped me clear some stuck energy from my body. During the session, I got clarity around what was behind it and great advice on how I could improve my situation. After our session I was calm and confident that my situation would work out for the best and the back pain is totally gone. It changed my whole week; I can still feel the effect of it many days afterwards. I’m absolutely recommending a reading with Natalie to anyone who is open to creating some shifts and changes in their life. I’ll be coming back for another one.

Cori Wamsley


During my session, I could feel where you were working. There was tingling or very mild cramping in the area where the energy was focused. I was relaxed though and focused on healing. It was all nice, but I was so impressed when I felt the rejection wound lift from my heart. My entire chest felt like it was lighter and moved better. I felt joy. In my body, I've seen many changes in my digestion. I was initially looking for healing from food allergies and sensitivities wrecking my body, and Natalie was able to close the open junctures in the gut causing leaky gut. After my session, I stopped feeling nervous or scared about eating food because I really do know what's safe to eat right now. I also stopped feeling the quiver in my stomach when I was about to eat. My stomach is less swollen and feels like it's processing the food properly now.
My throat doesn't hurt as often as before. I used to feel stress as tightening around my thyroid and sometimes struggled to talk because of it, even from mild stress. My body is starting to recognize that mild stress is ok. Each time I feel the tightening, I am immediately aware and can calmly react by telling myself I don't need to worry.
My chest still feels lighter and like I'm able to breathe deeper since our session. This is also probably what has led to a lot of my changed feelings. I no longer feel worried about gaining or trying to lose weight. I don't feel as critical of my looks. I also feel less competitive around peers, even those in a similar field to my own. I am more excited to do my work and bring my genius to it. I don't dread getting up and feeling like the weight of the world is on me because I have to do everything for my clients or they will get mad. It's a completely different way of looking at the work I do.

Anna Golden Ray

I felt really held during & after light. The best part of the session was that it gave me answers to where my scoliosis comes from & how to realign it. I felt the shift straight away. It gave me an even deeper understanding of the body & the Quantum body. Straight after the session I noticed that I could easily carry my baby on my right hip, when for 1.5 years it's been totally awkward & I've only been able to carry him on my left hip. I've been able to tap into my Divine Feminine essence even more and be able to create space for her. I breathe differently now. It has changed how I show up in my company. Allowing the feminine & masculine work & flow together has brought a whole new level of aligned action & flow. I can't recommend Natalie enough for any body related stuff. I've had the good fortune to work with some incredible Akashic Records Consultants, Natalie being one of them, but what I can say is that it's different to get answers relating to the body from someone who understands the body on a spiritual, emotional, mental AND physical level. 

Lisa Fera

Immediately after, I was tired from processing my emotions, but after a few days, my body felt lighter and more relaxed. During the session, I was just letting my body go with the process! The best part of the session was that in the beginning, I was sceptical going into this appointment, psychic surgeon, what can she do... Well, I never expected to feel the abdominal release when Natalie talked through the meditation, envisioning a door opening from my abdomen, to let go of past lives.  It was like a herd of buffalo, I felt it through my body.  The meditation was so powerful!! 

During the session, I had trouble with energy flowing through my pelvis.  I could not understand why because there was such a powerful release from my abdomen.  A few months later I found a chiropractor, whom I felt comfortable with. She said wow, your pelvis really needs adjusting.  After that adjustment there was a gushing of water from my head to my toes that I felt was draining to the earth, then I heard Natalie talking through the meditation, but she was not there.  This was so strange, it is hard to explain, but my entire body released.  I could not wait to share with Natalie, I felt I needed the physical chiropractor as well as what Natalie did for me!! My new awareness is that our bodies are a conduit of stored energy.  I only had 1 very small vertigo episode that I adjusted myself.  I am vertigo free since my session.  I feel I have the energy for my business and dealing with elderly parents.  I want to balance both and give my parents time with me to be fully present!  I still have pain but much better, to the point, I am doing strength training and stretching. Don't think about it, just make the appointment.  Just trust in the process but be open!

Mona's experience with Akashic Readings...

"When Natalie tapped into the Akashic records. Wow. That's what I'm going to say. Wow. The illumination, what was revealed was unbelievable!


Amanda Kunkel

I felt very loved and supported while sharing about the pain that I had been experiencing in my womb.  How it took me out for days during my cycle.    I was always feeling so down and depleted.  But you made me feel like I am whole, healthy and complete- no matter what my body was doing.  The energy work that day immediately shifted my story and perspective.  PLUS the amazing practical advice you gave me helped me feel better within my body.  The beautiful result was- NORMAL cycles :). I literally was able to get up, feel good and see clients without having to worry if I would crash or having to take a zillion naps.  It made my heart soar!  Thank you so much for shifting this life long issue with me in a short and pain free time frame <3 My new awareness is that I was in control of my body and not just subjected to it.


Before my power scan, I had been pushing my body constantly to perform and do more for sometime. 

During my power scan, Natalie helped me shift and heal a big childhood rejection wound. Shifting this was a game-changer for me. I didn't realise how this wound had been influencing my actions thus far. I could feel a lot of energy moving through my body during my session.  I was aligned with the definition of love and ease. 

I loved the experience of being held and nurtured safely and with care. She also made me aware of how my thoughts influenced my actions and what post session strategies were needed to create lasting results. 

And after brain consciousness upgrade or activation, I could no longer ignore or override what my body wanted and needed. My relationship with my body has shifted post session. I can no longer force her to overtrain. My body has been asking for more gentle exercise and I have been listening. 

I would recommend a session for someone that is open and be prepared for major shifts and unexpected occurrences!

Rachel Hardy

I felt seen, honored, and able to be open and fully share.  I found myself freely "spilling" my thoughts, which isn't something I necessarily do all the time ;)  Natalie creates a safe container for the truth to be present, freely, with love.  And her sessions are also so much fun... I love how much we laugh! The part of our session was recognizing that I could trust my gut and my own knowing more.  This resonated deeply, and it felt so good to hear it reflected. In the 48 hours since our most recent session, I’ve felt a shift in clarity and trusting my gut.  My session helped me see more clearly where I needed to say “No.”  I’ve felt a difference in the way I relate to individuals in my life - less tied to others’ expectations and needs. My new awareness after my session is that I see my old patterns of being tied to others opinions as an illusion- not the truth. You'll be surprised how much can happen in a session :)

Mandi Brown

I came to Natalie feeling stuck and unable to proceed on my path with blocks preventing me from having fun and self doubt interfering with my ability to focus on the task at hand. Natalie gently guided me to speak my Truths about what was holding me back. She gave me practical tips to practice right away and with her body focus, showed me how to be in my body, opening to and trusting my gut. After the reading, I felt more connected to myself and Source, ready to dive back in! The best part was being in Natalie's uplifting, compassionate energy as she held space for me to be myself. I am breathing more completely, trusting myself and Source more fully. I signed up for a 3 day workshop to plan, build, and launch my business after working with Natalie!
My new awareness after the session is that “I am supported. I am a facilitator. I don't have to have all the answers. And I Trust the Universe”. If you are wondering about a reading for yourself, I say: “Go for it! You will feel great and more aligned to your true self. It's So worth it”

Michelle Orwick

Before my session I was feeling ungrounded and in some physical pain. After my session we had found a miraculous connection to an energy leak that was healed from many lifetimes ago. This has allowed me to move forward in areas that I was stuck on in the past. The best part of the session is the magical feeling of being supported energetically. After my session I felt more ease about moving forward with some of the more esoteric parts of my business. There has been a real shift in my body from the energy work that was done that day. I am able to move forward with more ease  in my business. I would absolutely recommend working with Natalie! She is an amazing healer and intuitive!

J Nichole Smith

I loved my session. Like with any energy work, the best part for me is the purposeful pause, focus and conversation around self-care and the nuances of what my body wants and needs. Also your insights about my adrenals have really caused me to change my behavior around exercise and caffeine which I think I needed you to voice in order to spur me into action. The knee pain I'd been having for ages was completely gone a day after our call. Really remarkable! I followed your advice to do the check-ins several times a day with my tiredness and found that I always felt super tired regardless of the sleep I'd had - so it's definitely prompted me to explore further what's going on with my hormones and adrenals. 

If you are on the fence about energy work, I say “Oh absolutely do it!” I don't know how it works, but it does!

Mona's experience having her Life Between Life Review Consultation


Laura Staisiunas

Before the session, I felt my breathing to be shallow and a sense of holding back. Afterwards my breathing was easy and deepened. I felt an easy and joyful way of information and energies unfolding. The best part of the session was that we explored issues of self-doubt and overwhelm then shifted these energies in a new direction. After our session, my body felt so relaxed and at ease; its natural state of being. My new awareness is allowing myself to align to the Divine Truth of Joy permeated my field! The high vibration continued for days afterwards. I can always go back to this point in time and recreate this sensation. My advice to someone new to this work is, having a reading allows your Light to be brought to issues and situations you're having. The Record Keepers offer sincere guidance and wisdom for your highest good on your journey. Come with several questions you'd like more information on, and be open for the information to flow.

Emily L Lewis

I felt so supported during this session, it was so easy to ask Natalie and the Record Keepers questions, and I felt like I was fully being seen and heard throughout the process! I felt so much lighter and more excited about my physical journey after the session. I absolutely loved the practical guidance and tips that came through for my diet and to help support my physical body with the work that I do as an Akashic Records Reader and an energy healer.  Natalie is sooo gifted, and working with her is such a joy! I felt so supported during the whole session, and I wrote down pages of notes with tangible and practical information for implementing in my day to day life. Take the leap and go for it, you won't be disappointed!!!

Melissa Lisette

I felt supported and heard; she addressed my concerns and went deeper, to the root. I was much lighter and clearer after the session. My 2 favourite things about the session were I had physically detoxed heavy metals, but energetically it was still present and affecting my thyroid. Natalie cleared this from my energetic field. She then cleared out all transgenerational cellular memories of addiction, and the reaching for harmful things as a safety blanket. The transgenerational clearing was HUGE. There's no longer a fight going on in my brain and I am happy to be on this planet serving my purpose. My focus is clearer, my motivation higher, and I feel more integrated into my physical body. That it is a held space, and how much you're willing to go to the root to create shifts in your life, all in the span of an hour!

Kim van de Sande

It is such a gift to receive akashic records readings from Natalie. She supports you through these journeys with her calming energies. Holding powerful space while you release and elevate to new levels of awareness. She has her own magical way to work within the records. Not only working in the higher realms but also guiding the transformations to release out of the cells of your physical body. A feeling of discomfort in my back transformed during our session allowing more energy to flow. Natalie has such loving and gentle healing energies. I feel blessed receiving these transformational gifts allowing me to step more fully into the potency of my work to create an even more powerful ripple of love

Sheena Witters

The best part of the session was the scan itself, being able to feel the energy moving. Hearing Natalie explain what she was doing as she went. The insights about what my experience with gluten was trying to show me. During the session, I felt really good, fully supported and held. There was also joy, fun and curiosity present. Afterwards, I felt lighter, well cared for with written follow-up/check in.   Following the session, the energetic balancing and insights created some beautiful space to change both my relationship with my body (specifically my gut and digestive system) and my feelings/emotions/stories/beliefs around how I nourish myself. It gave me the space and motivation to take action. Trying to figure out what and when to fuel my body before was a challenge. I now have a much better relationship and actually listen to it, and can receive the messages more clearly. My new awareness is still unfolding and emerging, I definitely have a new love affair with my gut, digestive system and amazing body :) The least that will happen is you'll feel really held, supported, and great after your session. On the other hand, it might just give you the kick start you need to change your life.

Miroslava Paskova

I felt healing energy flooding through my body immediately in the form of incredible heat running through me from head to toes. Natalie supported me throughout the session and recommended tips to take me on my healing and empowering journey. The best part of the session was clearing my throat chakra and blockages that've been stored there since my childhood. We did toning during the session which I found incredibly powerful. I've been doing it and "OM" sounds too as Natalie suggested, on a daily basis, during cold water showers in the morning, when walking my dogs and even at work. I must admit that my dogs love me doing "OM" and we have a lot of happy moments full of laughter together. Since my Power scan, I've become calmer. I make wiser food choices. It's much easier to say no to binge eating. Eating was my way of procrastination, that is slowly diminishing. I don't feel that urgency to grab some food to avoid doing something that I don't feel very comfortable with. I praise myself for these small achievements and celebrate them every day. My new awareness following the session is to Trust the process of the Universe and listen to your body. Do small changes every day and celebrate them. One day you look back and you'll realise what a big chunk of work you've done. I would highly recommend having a session with Natalie if you're ready to start a new path of your life.  You'll feel guided and supported. 

Katy Green

I felt my body relax into a very peaceful state and a deeper connection to my heart. This serenity and connection continued into the evening. I felt lighter and uplifted. The best part of the session was the gradual shift in consciousness and connection with myself. I have noticed a more relaxed sense of self since my session with a shift from being in my head to connecting more deeply with my body.  My new insight is to trust my inner wisdom and gut and to connect and listen to my inner child. To anyone, not sure about a reading, I say “Do it!” It is a beautiful process that will help transform inner blocks and beliefs that could be holding you back.

Denise Hansard

There are always layers when it comes to personal growth. Having an Akashic Record Reading with Natalie was beyond amazing ... it was diving deeper into the layers of healing certain areas which I thought I had already healed. She has such a warm and unique way of taking you gently through this process. I highly recommend having a reading with her. Thanks, Natalie!

Marlys Stradmeijer

Today I had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic reading from Natalie. Natalie has wonderful energy.She helped me alot on several questions around my business. She cleared what was standing in the way in really acknowledging and standing in my power. And the art of receiving.I used to find giving more easy than receiving. More balance was needed.After the AR, I feel my energy has shifted. I feel a lot lighter and more confident. Thank you Natalie! I can truly recommend her!

"Our session definitely began to move some stagnant energy and I am so incredibly grateful for that! Overall - things have been good since our session! I have almost entirely given up coffee - maybe 4-5 total shots over the past few weeks instead of 4-5 shots daily! I have switched to the tulsi tea and warm water plain in addition to cold purified water. 

This in turn has allowed me to FEEL less inflamed/swollen, especially around my midsection, and, in maybe the strangest turn of unexpected events - I've lost 8 lbs! For someone who usually GAINS weight when i attempt a diet/workout, this is HUGE. 

I feel overall more clear headed, and happy for the direction I am headed. I am also trying to claim my healing and wellness and remain focused on feeling into my body."