Momentum Accelerator

and Life Between Life Review

Akashic Consultations  

…..provide you with information, healing

and shifts around core beliefs,

programming, that may be influencing

your life at present and blockages

within your body that may be influencing

your health, wellness, business and money

flow in and out of your life.

I'm am ready to leap forward in my life

Momentum Accelerator Akashic Consultations can help you clear imprints, beliefs, programming yours and ancestoral, implants interfering or influencing with : 

  • Your clarity around your Purpose
  • A belief that you have to work hard for everything
  • A belief that you have to do everything alone
  • A belief that everything is a struggle
  • A belief I can be successful or have Love not both
  • A belief that you have to settled for what you get
  • Energy block around not trusting yourself or trusting people 
  • A belief that people leave me if I change and grow
  • Energy blocks influences your health or pain
  • Money blocks influencing how much money you can allow in
  • Money blocks around how money money can stay in your life
  • Your relationships

Life Between Life Review Consultations help you have: 

Clarity of your Soul Purpose and Mission 

Clarity around what to focus on on 

clarity around what to let go of

Release and clear beliefs and cellular imprints that interfere with you fully aligning to your purpose and mission 

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Mona's experience with Her Momentum Accelerator Akashic Consultation...

"When Natalie tapped into the Akashic records. Wow. That's what I'm going to say. Wow. The illumination, what was revealed was unbelievable! Listen to here about her powerful transformation after her consultation


Momentum Accelerator  Akashic Consultations...


Offers you a direct route in with the assistance of your Record Keepers and Guides guiding you to clear blockages, or shift anything that is interfering with you moving forward and showing up fully in the world in the way you know you are meant to


Aligns you to the divine truth and clears out programming beliefs, imprints that have been taken on consciously or unconsciously along the way that are not serving you now and interfering with you stepping into your truth and living the best and highest version of your life


Assists with physical healing


Provides you with: 

Clarity of Purpose 

Clarity around your Mission

Clarity around your business and what aligned focused action steps you can take in your business 

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Emily Logan shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...

I felt so supported during this Akashic  session, it was so easy to ask Natalie and the Record Keepers questions, and I felt like I was fully being seen and heard throughout the process! I felt so much lighter and more excited about my physical journey after the session. I absolutely loved the practical guidance and tips that came through for my diet and to help support my physical body with the work that I do as an Akashic Records Reader and an energy healer. I have started making more conscious changes with my diet and adding in more movement time in my day to day life which has felt supportive and exciting. My gut health is quite out of balance, and I still have some work to do to best support my body. It also helped put into context a lot of the information that I've received from other healers and medical intuitives. Natalie is sooo gifted, and working with her is such a joy! I felt so supported during the whole session, and I wrote down pages of notes with tangible and practical information for implementing in my day to day life. Take the leap and go for it, you won't be disappointed!!!

Melissa Lisette shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...

I felt supported and heard; she addressed my concerns and went deeper, to the root. I was much lighter and clearer after the session.
My 2 favourite things about the session were she cleared heavy metals energetically still present in my field and affecting my thyroid. She then cleared out all transgenerational cellular memories of addiction, and the reaching for harmful things as a safety blanket. The transgenerational clearing was HUGE.
There's no longer a fight going on in my brain and I am happy to be on this planet serving my purpose. My focus is clearer, my motivation higher, and I feel more integrated into my physical body. 
She provides a held space, and how much you're willing to go to the root to create shifts in your life, all in the span of an hour!

How we do one thing is how we do everything!!!


It is amazing how your programming, imprinting, beliefs, and traumas influence 

  1. how you show up in the world, 

  2. how you interact with one another, 

  3. how you show up for yourself


Mona's experience having her Life Between Life Review Consultation

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Right now, your unconscious programming, imprints, beliefs are running the show and dictating how things are in your life no matter how hard you try to shift this


But wouldn't you like to consciously create what you desire without the resistance, struggle, push back? 


What if clearing those unconscious programs, imprints and beliefs that are no longer supportive of who you are now,

You make it easier to move forward to WHO you are BECOMING….


 Wouldn't you like clarity, laser focus on yourself, your Purpose, your dreams, what you want to co-create in this lifetime?


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Kim Van De Sande shares about her Life Between Life Consultation experience...

The Life Between Life Review with Natalie was again truly magical. Her way of guidance through the Akashic Records is softly yet powerfully transformational. Supporting me not only to release deepening layer of illusions and clearing old cycles that were no longer serving me but also to discover and re-connecting with untapped divine potential within my field. This session supported me to not only become aware of amazing new divine possibilities but also invited me to consciously infuse my desires in this sacred space, where now only a few weeks later I already witness the manifestation of these desires in my life. I just love working with Natalie, each sessions supports me to deepen into Self, feeling more centred, connected and aligned. Thank you Natalie for sharing your powerful gifts with such beauty, compassion and grace.

Siv Harstad shares about her Akashic Consultation

Coming into the session I was a bit frustrated about my situation and had some tense muscles in my back. She helped me clear some stuck energy from my body and also helped me get more clarity on my path going forward. During the session, I got clarity around what was behind it and great advice on how I could improve my situation. After our session I was calm and confident that my situation would work out for the best and the back pain is totally gone. It changed my whole week; I can still feel the effect of it many days afterwards. I’m absolutely recommending a reading with Natalie to anyone who is open to creating some shifts and changes in their life. I’ll be coming back for another one.

Things can become easier……

Your aligned new romantic partner finds you

You move in an energized pain free body 

You show up in more ways for your body  

Your ideal clients find you instead of you having to find them.

People invite you and offer to do things without you asking

Amazing business opportunities come to you 

Money finds clever ways of showing up for you and into your bank accounts.

The possibilities are endless. 


Ready to create a shift around that problem, belief or programming you keep hitting up against? 

I am open, ready and willing to create now possibilities in my life now!

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Rachel Hardy shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...

 I found myself freely "spilling" my thoughts. Natalie creates a safe container for the truth to be present, freely, with love. The part of our session was recognizing that I could trust my gut and my own knowing more. In the 48 hours since our most recent session, I’ve felt a shift in clarity and trusting my gut. My session helped me see more clearly where I needed to say “No.”  I’ve felt a difference in the way I relate to individuals in my life - less tied to others’ expectations and needs. My new awareness after my session is that I see my old patterns of being tied to others opinions as an illusion- not the truth. You'll be surprised how much can happen in a session :)

Mandi Brown shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...

I came to Natalie with self doubt and feeling stuck. Natalie gently guided me to speak my Truths about what was holding me back. With her body focus, she showed me how to be in my body, opening to and trusting my gut. After the reading, I am breathing more completely, trusting myself and Source more fully. I signed up for a 3 day workshop to plan, build, and launch my business after working with Natalie! The best part was being in Natalie's uplifting, compassionate energy as she held space for me to be myself. My new awareness after the session is that “I am supported. I am a facilitator. I don't have to have all the answers. And I Trust the Universe”. If you are wondering about a reading for yourself, I say: “Go for it! You will feel great and more aligned to your true self. It's so worth it”



You have the option of booking a:

1. 60-minute Akashic Consultation to shift what is currently interfering with your next steps or a


2. 90-minute Life Between Life Review where you get to review your life, the impact you are here to make, the imprint of the legacy you leave behind, what you are here to master in this life.


This is a very powerful reading that provides so much Quantum Clarity, that immediately puts you on your Soul Aligned Path if you have not been on it. If you are on it, this reading removes all doubt and helps you integrate and embody the inner knowing and conviction and live, lead and show up for yourself, your life and your clients.   

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Marlys Stradmeijer shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...


Today I had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic reading from Natalie. Natalie has wonderful energy.She helped me alot on several questions around my business. She cleared what was standing in the way in really acknowledging and standing in my power. And the art of receiving. I used to find giving more easy than receiving. More balance was needed. After the AR, I feel my energy has shifted. I feel a lot lighter and more confident. Thank you Natalie! I can truly recommend her!

Katy Green shares about her Akashic Consultation experience...

I felt my body relax into a very peaceful state and a deeper connection to my heart. This serenity and connection continued into the evening. I felt lighter and uplifted. The best part of the session was the gradual shift in consciousness and connection with myself. I have noticed a more relaxed sense of self since my session with a shift from being in my head to connecting more deeply with my body.  My new insight is to trust my inner wisdom and gut and to connect and listen to my inner child. To anyone, not sure about a reading, I say “Do it!” It is a beautiful process that will help transform inner blocks and beliefs that could be holding you back.