Free 5-Day Leg Mobility Challenge

This challenge has been designed to enhance awareness, understanding and technique with hip, thigh, ankle mobility exercises and your walking. 

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FREE Leg Mobility Challenge

This challenge is perfect for you if you are mobile and have some leg stiffness and weakness and you would like to improve your leg flexibility for better walking.


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Here's What You Will Learn

Technique is everything

Learn how to stretch and the differences between hold and movement stretches 

Improve Posture Awareness

Learn about hip, knee and ankle mobility to enhance your standing and alignment, control and effort during walking 

Specialist Neuro Physio Guidance

Learn where to activate from and achieve more effective stretching and leg mobility


Here's What You'll Get

You will receive a leg mobility exercise daily over a 5-day period. Each day will have a different focus.
Video explanations and Physical demonstrations provided by Natalie Woodman
Clinical Specialist Neuro Physio &
Rehabilitation Machine and Mat Pilates Specialist

Let's Get Moving

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