If you are new to my work, and would like to become more familiar with my Quantum Calibration work as a Medical Intuitive and Psychic Surgeon, then you are in the right place.


I'm a...

  • Medical Intuitive
  • Psychic Surgeon 
  • Body Consciousness Master
  • Trauma Aware Master Akashic Consultant (with the Soul Journeys Method)


I have transformed my own life, healing my body, deepening my connection to the Divine with one concept: 

When you hide aspects of yourself, shrink yourself to fit a mould, suppress your voice or your emotions, ignore or deny aspects of yourself, you harm your body and you stop your body from healing and Quantum Fracturing happens!


To heal fully, all of you needs to be allowed to show up fully to create body congruence and harmony across all your bodies. When you acknowledge and welcome all of you, alchemising what needs to be released as you recalibrate to your highest timeline.... this is when you truly start to heal through Quantum Recalibration. 


Please know that my work goes so much deeper than you regaining a deepening connection with your physical body. Heart magic is where we start. 

I have a way of helping you deepen  your own ability to reconnect with your body, deepen your gut and heart knowing so that you can learn to really listen to, feel into and hear what your body needs from you in every moment. 

I know this is possible because I have done it and I have helped countless clients do this as well over the years.

I work holistically with your and your body. All of you. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!


I help you feel safe in your body.


Safe enough to feel, sit with your emotions and work through what is ready to be alchemised into embodied wisdom


I help high achieving women: 

  • Align to their highest timeline by creating Quantum Leaps with ease through Body Congruence and Quantum Calibration to live the life and create the business they desire
  • Activate their bodies as a clear Portal of creation calling forth what they desire most
  • Alchemise cellular held trauma in the body that is ready to shift to achieve embodied expansion aligning to healing the body, releasing excess body weight, making more money, creating more harmonious relationships and creating a successful business
  • Reconnect with their bodies, learning to listening to their bodies and tap into their sacred body wisdom as they embodying their unique personal transformation
  • Reclaim their bodies, their lives and their connection to the highest version of their Purpose after Burnout
  • Uncover and clear the root cause ( at a cellular level) of what is blocking your progress to expand to the next level  through psychic surgery and identify and shift the beliefs and emotions influencing this
  • Relearn how to trust their TRUTH and Divine Wisdom flowing through them
  • Learn how to listen to their body, read the signs and signals the body gives, and how to help the body fully heal
  • Decipher their body's messages as I see, feel, and hear what their bodies have to say and how to implement the wisdom to embody quantum leaps without health crises or burnout along the way
  • Gain clarity around their highest aligned Soul Purpose and Mission
  • Maintain momentum after Quantum expansion after Burnout without the boomerang of expansion / contraction
  • Define and Live life on their own terms in vibrant, healthy, energised bodies
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"It all starts with  Coming Back To Your Body, reconnecting with the parts of you that have been hidden, forgotten about or locked away to Reclaim the Sacred Body Wisdom you have available within you!"



I use my knowledge, understanding, experience from my 26 years background in bodywork in neurological physio, Transformational Coaching,  Pilates, as well as my own embodied wisdom of 20 years with personal  and spiritual development, beliefs hacks, mindsets hacks and 19 years of embodied wisdom about nutrition and health as I navigated my own journey with Burnout, auto immune symptoms to a clean bill of health.



Now, you are always at choice...


In order to get the most of my work, you need to be ready to take action and implement the learning so that you can embody the changes to transform your body and your life.


It is my vision to help you.....
Optimise your  health and wellness,
Expand your abundance and wealth set points in your life and business and
Create the life you desire
......through your body. 
I look forward to holding space for your unfolding and walking alongside you as you navigate your personal transformation
Natalie xo
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My ferocious appetite for reading and learning everything about coming back to my body through body centric work, nutrition,  health and wellness over the past 20 years helped me...


  • understand why I developed adrenal fatigue
  • heal my Burnout / Adrenal Fatigue
  • heal my ovaries
  • heal my gut and digestive problems
  • heal and rebalance my nervous system 
  • help me find an easier way of maintaining muscle flexibility and strength without pushing my body or pushing the body past its limits
  • learn how to listen to my body, help me read the signs and signals my body gives me, and how to help my body fully heal

Through all my body-centric work I have embodied physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through my own personal transformation, I have birthed Sacred Body Union Alchemy  and The Energy Body Profile Method to help other women reconnect with and heal their own bodies so that they can learn to listen to and follow through on the unique body wisdom available to each of them that will help their bodies thrive.

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Quantum Leap Lounge Group


If you would like to be immersed in my space, and what I do, come and join our sacred community of like minded women who want to reconnect more with their bodies and open more to listening to their body's sacred wisdom.
Here I share embodied wisdom, do FB Lives and run Masterclasses where have real conversations about what helps you create the Quantum shifts and how to integrate with lasting change.