Gain More Arm Strength & Movement in 30-Days

With a Specialised Neuro Rehab Program you can do comfortably from your home 

Regain More Strength, Control & Freedom of Movement in Your Arm...

Do you have arm weakness?

Would You LOVE to...

➡ Start Painting again

➡Enjoy gardening

➡ Go dancing or indoor climbing

➡ Make pottery

➡ Take up photography

➡Go to the gym or start CrossFit

Then this course is for YOU!


Step-by-step & Easy to follow

Each video shows you how to move, why it will help your body and exactly which muscles will give you optimal results. 

Brain-Body Connection

Learn how to perform simple movements by creating a better brain-body connection to move more freely and easily

Better Movement Faster

The program meets you where you are and each week builds on the prior one so you can get back to your life

Here's What You can Expect 

Regain more strength, flexibility and control of your body again and be able to:

➡ Enjoy painting 

➡ Go dancing

➡ Make pottery

➡ Take up photography

➡Go to gym

➡Start CrossFit  or indoor climbing


Here Is What You Will Get 

  • 2 Live exercise classes weekly with Natalie Woodman over the 30 days
  • 4 week-long blocks focus on core and arm flexibility and strengthening
  • 30 minutes of easy to master exercises available daily in the online program
  • Private FaceBook Online Access
  • Unlimited rehab specialist support in our Private Online Group for 30 Days
  • Proven exercises that have helped other clients achieve their mobility goals 
  • Welcome Group Call 
  • Celebration Group Call at the end of the 30-Days
  • BONUS: Weekly 1-2-1 check-ins with Neuro Physio Expert Natalie Woodman

Affordable Specialist Neuro Rehab at Home

A one-on-one 90 minute assessment with Natalie costs £180. This course with her teaching you covers all the exercises you will need and so much more than you can receive in a single session at Neurolink Physio Clinic in London.

ByNatalieWoodman's mission is to make this as affordable as possible so you can live full out with as much physical freedom as you desire

Right now, the 30-Day Arm Rehab
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