30-Days to Pain-free Shoulder Mobility

This intensive arm mobility & strengthening course has been designed for active wheelchair users to prevent, manage and reverse shoulder pain and problems. 

This program has worked to reverse and prevent shoulder injury in active wheelchair users in the clinic and 1-2-1 gym settings. 

This exercise program is a tried and tested program that has been used daily for the past 9 years. 


No one can put a price on what it feels like to have pain free mobility. 

Shoulder pain can be avoided with the right guidance and program.

This is what I want for you now and moving forward.  

Gone are the days when your personal trainer controls your rehab

From today, you get to take control of your shoulder rehab



Key Areas Covered

Understand More About
How Your Shoulders Work

Detailed explanations and demonstrations of how to experience the movement that your shoulders need during everyday movements

Why Are You Susceptible To Shoulder Problems

Understand why 9 out of 10 wheelchair users develop shoulder problems and how it can be reversed. 


Understand What To Focus On In Your Training

This course talks you through in detail which muscle groups to focus on and why and what exercises to focus on

Here's What You'll Learn

The course covers a range of beneficial arm strengthening and flexibility work that can be done at in lying, in your wheelchair indoors at home, whilst away on holiday as well as in the gym.

It forms an essential part of maintaining healthy shoulders and arms for all wheelchair users.

Each exercise has a detailed video with explanations of what to focus on during the movement, where the movement start and how to execute the movement successfully.  

The course is broken up into 6 series
Theraband Strengthening Series
Free Weights Strengthening Series
Gym Machine Based Strengthening Series
Battle Rope Series
Flexibility & Stretching Series  
Pole Arm Mobility Series

What do you get when you purchase this course?

  • A detailed guide of all the exercise you can have access to in the course
  • You can access your course on the go on your mobile phone or tablet or iPad, and log in wherever
  • You have lifetime access to the program
  • Video files of each exercise you will perform during the course
  • Unlimited access and support from Natalie Woodman in the Private FaceBook Group
  • Get peer support, encouragement and guidance from other wheelchair users in this community of like-minded motivated individuals 
  • The exercise library is continually being updated

"Natalie knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strengthhttps://app.kajabi.com/admin/themes/701590/settings/edit# or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Natalie is the person to see."

Nathalie McGloin
World’s First Wheelchair Racing Tetraplegic Driver

"I can’t recommend Natalie for anyone dealing with a spinal cord injury. You'll only receive the highest standards of care and support."

Josh Senior
GB Para Climber

""I have a spinal cord injury and have been work with Natalie for almost 4 years now and the progress and improvement I have made in that time has been immense. I owe so much to Natalie. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with Natalie Woodman. I really don't know where I'd be without her knowledge, experience and support. I couldn't recommend more highly."

Tom Perivolas

"I sustained a T10 Spinal cord injury in July 2012. Prior to working with Natalie, I suffered with a lot of tightness and pain on my back and pain around my shoulder. I did not know how to stretch properly or which exercises and stretches will help me and did not realise I had the wrong or too big of a wheelchair until I worked with Natalie. Natalie helped me with recommendations of which wheelchair will be ideal and better, how to improve posture which can cause pain or discomfort eventually if you are not seated properly. Me personally, I did not realise how all the muscles are connected, and how each muscle influences each other. Natalie helped me with different strengthening and stretches that helps me maintain my shoulder and back mobility which is so important as a wheelchair user. "

Muhammed R

"I sustained a brachial plexus injury to my left arm n July 2015 following an accident where I had severed my C5 nerve and received a nerve graft to my C6 nerve. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and being inquisitive as I am I can bombard her with questions and they always get an answer. That is something that really stands out with working with Natalie. The change in my left arm has been spectacular. Seeing that change will always stay with me and inspire me further."

Louis James

"I sustained a spinal cord injury and have been working with Natalie for the past 4 years. Through working with Natalie, I feel that I have made significant progress and have been given ways to help implement this progress in functional ways in my daily life. Natalie is very good at understanding how individuals work and are motivated and everything she does is tailored to the individual and how they will respond best. I am so grateful for everything Natalie has done for me and would highly recommend her to anyone. "

Agnes Collier

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