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"Working with Natalie Woodman for the past year has been an amazing experience. The knowledge she has is seriously unreal, the amount I now know about my injury and my body in general from just being there has amazed me. I am so grateful that I have Natalie as my physiotherapist. I couldn’t ask for a better Neuro physiotherapist"

Louis James

"I have been working with Natalie for the past 6 months following a stroke that paralysed my left side in 2014. She was instrumental in helping me to get my arm and leg movement back. She is very experienced, professional and hard working. Natalie can immediately identify what you need at all stages and is very hands on during the sessions. I currently do 3 mile walks, started cycling, swimming and cooking. 7 months ago I was in a wheelchair and could not move my arm a bit. I would not have achieved this without the support of Natalie Woodman. Highly recommended!"

Theano Anasta

"Natalie gave me hope, when I had none. After a life changing attack of Transverse Myelitis and a chance meeting with Natalie at the TM Society, I soon became a regular client. Her dedication and professionalism was second to none when it came to dealing with my condition. Natalie is amongst very few medical professionals who fully understood my condition and whilst I doubt I will ever regain full function, what function I have, can be put down to Natalie and her treatment of me. If you are looking for a practice that is full of hope, positivity and challenges you from the outset, then give it a visit. I promise, you won't regret it!"

Mark Adams

"Natalie has helped me gain muscle and core strength through a series of personalised mat work, reformer Pilates exercises. These exercises have greatly improved my overall health and posture and have reduced my neck and back pain. Natalie has helped me believe that nothing is impossible when you work hard. She has also been teaching me about my body. I have never had any body awareness but after working with her I am now able to understand why a certain part of my body is hurting and what exercises I need to do to reduce the pain. Having body awareness means that I am able to ‘switch on’ or off muscles more quickly as I know how to access them now. It is still a work in progress as I’m having to relearn my body and teach it new ways to behave but after Natalie’s help my posture, strength, flexibility and awareness is the best it has ever been."

Ellie Jones

"Natalie has helped me a lot, she has a thorough knowledge base about Cerebral Palsy. Before coming to Natalie my condition was rapidly getting worse. Traditional therapists are under the impression that Cerebral Palsy, just magically goes away after the age of 18, whereas Natalie understands the importance for a extensive physiotherapy program throughout your life, enhancing quality of life and maintaining a constant level of improvement. With Natalie's gentle nature; she's always encourages you to Dream and to live beyond your comfort zone..."


Free Neuro Mobility Challenges

FREE 5-Day Arm and Leg Mobility Challenges are available. If you have arm and leg weakness, why not join try it out now!

FREE Arm Mobility Challenge

This challenge is perfect for you if you are mobile and have arm weakness and stiffness and you would like to improve your arm flexibility and movement. 


FREE Leg Mobility Challenge

This challenge is perfect for you if you are mobile and have some leg stiffness and weakness and you would like to improve your leg flexibility for better walking. 


FREE Shoulder Mobility Challenge

 This challenge is perfect for you if you are an active wheelchair user and you would like to improve your shoulder flexibility or reduce shoulder pain. 


"I can’t recommend Natalie for anyone dealing with a spinal cord injury. You'll only receive the highest standards of care and support. "

Josh Senior
GB Para Climber

""Natalie knows everything there is to know about spinal injuries and is very easy to talk to if you need advice about all aspects of living with an SCI. Whether you have an injury, want to gain some strength or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, Natalie is the person to see." "

Nathalie McGloin
World’s First Wheelchair Racing Tetraplegic Driver

""I have a spinal cord injury and have been work with Natalie for almost 4 years now and the progress and improvement I have made in that time has been immense. I owe so much to Natalie. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with Natalie Woodman. I really don't know where I'd be without her knowledge, experience and support. I couldn't recommend more highly."

Tom Perivolas

"I sustained a T10 Spinal cord injury in July 2012. Prior to working with Natalie, I suffered with a lot of tightness and pain on my back and pain around my shoulder. I did not know how to stretch properly or which exercises and stretches will help me and did not realise I had the wrong or too big of a wheelchair until I worked with Natalie. Natalie helped me with recommendations of which wheelchair will be ideal and better, how to improve posture which can cause pain or discomfort eventually if you are not seated properly. Me personally, I did not realise how all the muscles are connected, and how each muscle influences each other. Natalie helped me with different strengthening and stretches that helps me maintain my shoulder and back mobility which is so important as a wheelchair user. "

Muhammed R

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