Sacred Body Alchemy....

is for women who are want to connect fully with their bodies, connect to their intuition and knowing and the Divine so that you can create and serve with a vibrant body with a healthy balanced Masculine and Feminine. 


Sacred Body Union Alchemy helps  

you have a vibrant healthy body with loads of energy, feeling confident in your skin, having an open dialogue with your body and feeling free to move in a nourishing, sensuous way unique to you that allows you to show up and serve and share your message with the work

……without repeatedly burning out or creating health issues in order to create time for you to recover

……without letting the old moulds, templates, beliefs, programs run the show to influence what happens to your body and how your body shows up moving forward

……without feeling like you have no power and control to influence or change the outcome of your health circumstances

……without having your body dictate you can and can’t do, when you can and can’t rest and interfere with your work and lifestyle

There comes a point when you have to draw a line in the sand 

.....Because the old way of working with your body, and everything you have tried has not been working nor have you been getting the results with your body that you have craved and desired for so long. 


Wouldn't it be amazing to trust your body and your intuition more deeply?

 To do this, you have to connect with your body!

You have to be willing

  • to feel,
  • to listen to your body
  • to shift what is stuck in your cells energetically and
  • to work on your body physically
  • to follow your body's guidance

Your body is giving you an invitation for change right now...

It is your choice whether you..... 

Listen to you body

Lean in 

Become more aware

Surrender to the change 

Embrace your personal journey

What will your transition be like?

We are continually up-leveling, the mindset, focus, and awareness will influence this journey.


Sacred Body Union Alchemy


Weaves physical, emotional and spiritual releasing, reawakening and reconnection



 Emotional Heart



You do the inner work, process and release what is suppressed or unprocessed, and healing your heart without reliving the trauma or emotional wound 




You need to be willing to go all in to reconnect with your body, your heart, the Divine and your life


Know yourself

Love the skin you are in

Trust yourself and your guidance fully

Trust life & the Divine

Sacred Body Alchemy Free Facebook Group

This space is for women who are ready, willing and focussed on deepening their connection with their beautiful bodies. This group is a sacred container aiding your unfolding, up-leveling, and expansion.


When you acknowledge and welcome all of you, this is when you truly start to heal.

All of you needs to be acknowledged - the good, the dark, the forbidden, the unseen.

When you start to do this, this is when healing starts in the body!